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Someone might think when reading “change my destiny” service, that changing destiny is not possible and no matter what, we will live our lives as it is written by higher powers. But you will be surprised how someone can actually change his/her own destiny defying everything that supposes to happen. As a matter of fact, many of you have already made a small change in your destiny without even realizing it. Let me give you a simple example.


200 years ago a woman was born in a small village and her destiny was to get sick at the age of five, because of a serious infection from a nasty fall, but if that woman was born in nowadays chances that she would die from the infection are slim because she would take simple antibiotics. So by taking antibiotics she has changed her destiny, without realizing it. So imagine the destiny as a tree trunk and each choice that you make changes that trunk. It might grow thicker or slimmer depending on your choices.


This service here is mostly used in cases when someone wants to change his/her own destiny because of

  • horrible life
  • mortal danger
  • lack of other choices


The process of a complete destiny changing requires 24 months to complete. It might require moving to a different area, changing the image, use a different name, cut off from the past etc etc.. So I will calculate each move and each step that must be taken in order to succeed. You must remember that I will not decide for you, but I will advise you and then you will make your choice.