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Mirroring Spell Against Spiritual Attacks


Four Direction Mirroring Protection

Mirroring protection is a long lasting protection, which lasts up to 4 years. One year per each direction.

When we do receive spiritual attack   ….. it hits us,… it affects our energy, body and spiritual health if we do not posses powerful protection against spiritual attacks. If we already have a powerfull protection (e.x. lifetime ultimate advanced protection) all spirtual attacks fail to harm us and these attacks just hit our protecton and disappear, but if we place 4 direction mirroring spell, all  curses, hexes etc..  will bounce back to their sender. 

We are not casting curses or spiritual attacks with this mirroring spell, we are just protecting and reflecting what was directed against us.  

Mirroring spell can be placed without any other type of protection, mirroring is already a long lasting protection itself ( aproximately 4 full years)

The process of placing this protection lasts up to 40 days.