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Money Spell


Many times people come to me and ask me to cast money spell with request to pay for my services after they receive the amount. There are few reasons why this happens. Most of the times the most simple one is the trust, which brings up two questions.

Should people trust spiritual healers/witches etc. and pay upfront ?

Should spiritual healer/witch etc. trust those who got the money from spell to return and pay for the services ?

So there are two reasons for me to provide this spell partially for free.

  1. As I tend to believe that there are more honest people in this world I have decided to provide money spell partially for free and trust that afterwards those who receive the amount will return and pay for this money spell.
  2. The second reason is that money spell cannot have specific price because the final received amount cannot be specified when casting money spell.

So one fair amount, which must be returned after you receive the amount is 5% of the total sum, which must be redirected via paypal email