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The power of pray

A simple prayer can be very powerful if prayers are coming directly from the bottom of heart. Prayers can create very possitive aura and energy for those who are in need.

This service is performed on request and can be used for protection, healing, success .. anything that you sincerery need.

The price for this service is open with minimum ammount of 0.99 ( to cover the candle cost ).

How to determain the correct ammount? well frankly there is no price for a prayer, but in order to somehow simplify it, bellow we have posted possible offering method.

0.99 is for one person one time pray

example…. I want 3days/times prayers for my family and we are 2 people, so this will be 0.99 x 2 people x 3 days = 5.99 is one possible price.

But seriously its up to you.