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Ultimate Lifetime Advanced Protection


There are many types of spiritual protections, which usually are focusing against one specific type of  spiritual attack. Most common ones are a) protection against curses b) protection against hexes. Usually such protections do not last long and probably the longest one that I have ever seen was designed to last for couple years. People who receive constant spiritual attacks keep returning again and again to renew their limited by time protection, frankly it is very convenient for spiritual healers, witches etc…..  BUT NOT FOR ME.

Imagine that protection is something like vaccine. You go to doctor, you do your vaccination and you are protected against specific type of disease. Same principles are working in protection against spiritual attacks, but what if there was a vaccine, a pill,  against of all types of illnesses. Wouldn’t that be perfect? I bet it would. Maybe one day…

Medicine have progressed and evolved dramatically for past 100-200 years but it can be considered as an infant in comparison with spiritual healing, spiritual protection, which has been evolving and progressing for thousands of years. Spiritual discipline is based on natural sources, it uses everything that is around us, from plants to healing and protecting gemstones.

Spiritual protection that is offered right here, right now is against all known types of spiritual attacks including

·        hexes

·        curses

·        necromancy

·        voodoo spells

It is against 2000 known spiritual attacks and the most importantly, this protection lasts for lifetime. You place it once and you are done !!

The process of placing this protection lasts up to 60 days. It is based on astral and lunar positions. It consists of 3 phases…

Diagnosing – cleansing, purifying – preparing the energy channels, placing unbreakable protection.

It is very important that during the process of placing spiritual protection you minimize all unnecessary travel activities.


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